About The Schad Foundation


The Schad Foundation is a private Canadian family foundation founded in 1987. We work to build a healthy future for people and nature through grants supporting environmental education, biodiversity conservation, and access to nutrition,

Our Work

We believe that people will be motivated to protect the environment when they recognize the extent to which they are dependent upon nature. For this reason, one of our key focal points is youth environmental education. Our work in this area is dedicated exclusively to Earth Rangers, a national youth conservation organization.

Education, however, can be a slow process. It can take generations for people to change their values and alter their behaviour. We therefore complement our education efforts by supporting projects that have a direct and measurable impact on biodiversity restoration, protection and conservation.

The Schad Foundation supplements its environmental programming with investments in programs and initiatives that promote human health by facilitating access to nutritious food.

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Our Founder

Inspired by a lifelong love and appreciation for the natural world, Robert Schad established the Foundation with an aim to advance environmental protection and strengthen communities. Born in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1928, Robert’s childhood was filled with athletic pursuits, exploring the outdoors, and a deep curiosity of the world around him. After landing on the shores of eastern Canada as a post-war immigrant in 1952, he started a small tool-making business that he’d eventually build into Husky Injection Molding, a global leader in the plastics machinery industry. Throughout his life and career, Robert has been a passionate advocate and philanthropist for biodiversity conservation. In establishing the Foundation, Robert advanced and strengthened his long-term commitment to protecting the natural world and strengthening communities through philanthropic giving.